So, I didn’t even know that I was up for consideration. Yesterday, I simply received an email from the editor of the journal Spiritual Life informing me that my article, “Digital Natives and Franciscan Spirituality,” which appeared in volume 56 (Summer 2010) had won the First Place in the “Best Feature Article” award in the Catholic Press Association 2011 Press Awards in the category of “Prayer and Spirituality Publications.” I have no idea how the selection process works, but I’m presuming the respective periodical editors nominate various pieces for consideration. To whomever is responsible for the inclusion of my article, I am grateful. I am humbled by the recognition and grateful for the honor.

The citation that was included with the award (I understand a certificate of some sort is forthcoming) reads as follows:

This piece sets itself apart through its timely and relevant topic, provocative quotes, strong lead and voice. The author intelligently weaves together reflections on Millennials, the instant gratification of technology and the essence of a spiritual quest.

I’ve had a chance to briefly look at some of the other award winners in the various categories, including the book prizes, and I’m humbled to be included among such an outstanding group of writers.

For those who wish to check out the article in PDF format, you can find it among a sampling of my published work here.



  1. Congrats! As a former winner who won 1st place for the Best Book by a First Time Author way back when in 1993, I know the “rush” of being “chosen.” I hope you get a chance to celebrate it. Peace, Albert Haase, OFM

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