As you read this post, I’m most likely flying over some part of the continental United States as I make my way from Albany, NY to Santa Barbara, California. Once I arrive and join the rest of my fellow Franciscan friars, I will settle into what will be my month-long home at Mission Santa Barbara for what is called our Solemn Vow Retreat. Each Franciscan friar, before he professes his Solemn (or “Final”) Vows, makes a month-long retreat to prepare spirituality for the lifelong commitment to what he has professed temporarily for the previous number of years.

I share this news with you for several reasons.  The first is to request your prayers for me and my fellow Franciscan friars, including my Holy Name Province classmate, Br. Steve DeWitt (author of, as we pray and reflect on the Spirit’s work in our lives.

The second is to let you know that because of my being on a month-long retreat, the updating of may not be as immediate as it usually is. The posts on should not be interrupted in any significant way, but if there is a shift in the regular cycle of the posts or what seems like a delay in my response to important world or ecclesiastical events, this is the reason. I hope to bring you some reflections throughout the retreat informed and shaped by the speakers, my fellow retreatants and my own experience of prayer and reflection throughout the month.

The third is to say that I do anticipate the Dating God Podcast to be slightly interrupted. We have a few interviews lined up and ready to go, but broadcasting that weekly program takes much more production and technology, so that might be delayed for a few weeks.

On a final note, while I spend some time with my Franciscan brothers from all across North America, perhaps you’ve heard that someone else of some international recognition will be visiting Santa Barbara while I’m there.  That’s right, Prince William and his new wife Princess Kate will be in town, really down the street, from where we will be on retreat for a day in July. Hopefully all the fanfare of their arrival doesn’t interrupt our prayerful contemplation. Then again, who knows, maybe there will be a royal sighting!

I wish you all peace and good!

Photo: Mission Santa Barbara

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  1. Godspeed Brother Dan and my prayers are with you for a blessed and joyful time.
    Thank you for all your posts – always challenging and inspirational.
    I will miss the regularity of the posts .

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