Friday 17 June 2011

Well I made it to not-so-sunny California. After a full day of traveling, I arrived at Santa Barbara airport around 2:00pm local time (5:00pm Dan-Horan’s-East-Coast-Body-Time) to what was a surprisingly cloudy sky. There to greet me were Franklin Fong, OFM, and Damien Park, OFM. We drove from the airport to Old Mission Santa Barbara, to what will be my home for the next month. Upon my arrival I was greeted by my classmate, Steve DeWitt, OFM, who had come to California by way of Seattle after visiting his sister and her fiancé.

As my body increasingly grew tired after a very long day of cross-country travel and confusion caused by a layover in every one of the continental US time zones, I fought myself to stay awake through dinner and our first evening discussion where we went over the schedule for the days and weeks to come, as well as have a chance to meet one another. Steve and I caught up for about an hour while we walked down toward the city of Santa Barbara. That helped me stay alert and was a nice chance to reconnect.

It is a small group – 8 – of us, but an excellent group that is very diverse in terms of culture, age and background. We represent provinces all over the US and are joined by one Korean friar. I look forward to getting to know each of them better as they have the chance to get to know me in the month we’ll share together.

So, nearly exhausted, I need to get to bed. I had this thought this afternoon that, although I will not have regular internet access as I normally would, I could keep something of an ongoing series of reflections and updates that I can post to whenever I have the chance. So stay tuned, these might be posted sporadically, but I’ll try to keep them steadily coming. No matter how they finally appear online, know that I’m writing these sorts of thoughts down daily. I hope you enjoy!

As always, Thanks for the prayers and support!

PS – Did I mention that I rode in coach class with Robert Plant (from Led Zepplin) and Alison Krauss from Chicago to Denver? No? Oh, well I did, and they won a Grammy for their collaborative album. Just sayin’


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