Dating God Podcast #05 — Mormon Historian and Catholic Priest

This past Sunday, “The Book of Mormon,” the hit broadway musical created by the same guys who brought the world Comedy Central’s “South Park,” took home 9 Tony Awards. It was nominated for 14 in total, making it the most nominated show of the season. This week’s podcast is something of a special “Mormon Episode” featuring a Franciscan Friar, Catholic Priest and Mormon Historian, Fr. Daniel Dwyer, OFM. A 15-year member of the Mormon Historical Association, Dwyer offers us a look into his interest into the Mormon tradition as a man of faith and as a professional historian.  He also discusses some recent Mormon-related events like the success of the Broadway musical, the HBO television program about polygamists, “Big Love,” and Mitt Romney’s possible Presidential Campaign.

Listen to the Podcast Streaming Online: Dating God Podcast #05

Listen to the Podcast or Subscribe on iTunes: Dating God Podcast on iTunes

Photo: Book of Mormon Musical



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