It’s rainy here in Albany. By chance I happened to be reading this letter from Thomas Merton to Jay Laughlin of New Directions Press on January 7, 1950 and the following passage struck me as worth reflecting on today. I hope it speaks to you as well.

I have been running about in the woods quite a bit. It has been raining a lot, but I especially like the woods in the rain. When I get out there I am delivered from the feeling that it is important for me to be anything, and thus I am free to be more happy about the one thing that matters, which is not a thing but God. I am appalled by the structures we build between ourselves and Him — half the time in His honor.

On an unrelated, but interesting note, earlier in this same letter Merton thanks Laughlin for nominating him for the Pulitzer Prize. Merton writes, “Somehow I find it hard to think of myself as winning that.”

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  1. Thanks. On vacation one time I tried to visit the spot where Merton lived, this was before the interenet. I never found it. Life had taken it’s own course and I continued on. Merton is great. Thanks.

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