I leave this morning for Chicago for the rest of the week to attend the International Thomas Merton Society 2011 annual conference. The 2011 ITMS conference bears the theme “With Roots in Eternity: Merton, the Desert and the City.” It’s taking place at Loyola University of Chicago. The line up of plenary and concurrent speakers looks great, as usual. Having been recently elected to the ITMS Board of Directors, I arrive a bit early to town for the board meeting followed by the beginning of the conference. I look forward to spending a little time with my Franciscan brothers in Chicago from the Sacred Heart Province as well as seeing so many friends and scholarly colleagues in the upcoming days of the conference.

For those who are interested, the title of my paper, scheduled to be delivered on Saturday, is “Seeds of De(con)struction: Insights From Merton for a Postmodern World.”

I encourage all of those who are not already members of the ITMS to consider joining: http://www.merton.org/ITMS/membership.htm

Photo: Loyola University



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