This is the eighth month of‘s existence and this post marks the 400th entry on the blog! In honor of the talk that I am giving tonight at Maryhouse the Catholic Worker community in New York, I thought it would be appropriate to share a poem by Peter Maurin, co-founder of The Catholic Worker with Dorothy Day in 1933, which was published in the most recent issue of The Catholic Worker (vol. LXXVIII, no. 3, May 2011).

I understand that all are invited to the Friday Night Meetings of the Catholic Worker and I look forward to meeting up with whoever is able to come and join the discussion. The meetings are held at Maryhouse on 55 East Third Street in Manhattan (2nd Ave stop on the F train). If you need directions, feel free to call (212) 777-9617.

Here is the poetic essay by Peter Maurin. His reflection rings as true today as it did when he wrote it. The admonition and invitation extended to religious communities is particularly relevant.

Easy Essay

To be radically right
is to go to the roots
by fostering a society
based on creed,
systematic unselfishness
and gentle personalism.
To foster a society based on creed,
instead of greed,
on systematic unselfishness
instead of rugged individualism,
is to create a new society
within the shell of the old.
Modern society
is in a state of chaos.
And what is chaos
if not lack of order?
is not a science,
it is an art,
the art of creating order
out of chaos.
All founders of orders
made it their personal business
to try to solve the problems
of their own day.
If religious orders
made it their business
to try to solve the problems
of our own day
by creating order
out of chaos,
the Catholic Church
would be the dominant social dynamic force
in our day and age.

– Peter Maurin

Photo: The Catholic Worker


  1. My guess is that I speak for other regular readers who follow your posts “faithfully,” but have yet to step forward to let you know how much we appreciate them. I look forward to the day when you webcast and archive talks like tonight or allow anyone to join you via conference call. Thank you for your tireless, inspired efforts!

  2. Dan, I’m very sorry I was’nt able to make your talk tonight – work ran late and I was not able to get out in time.

    I will try my hardest to be at the next one!


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