I was delighted to hear the latest BustedHalo.com podcast feature Fr. Kevin O’Neil, CSsR, a professor of moral theology at the Washington Theological Union. In addition to being an excellent professor (he was my bioethics prof), he has recently published a new book with co-author Peter Black, STD. The book is titled, Life, Death and Medical Choices (50 Questions from the Pew)and was published earlier this month. While I haven’t yet had a chance to read the book, I did download it on my Kindle. It’s a small book and an inexpensive one. If the book is even slightly as good as Fr. Kevin’s class was, it will be excellent. Whether you read the book or not, check out this interview available free from the BustedHalo.com website: “Interview: Father Kevin O’Neil, co-author: “Life, Death, and Catholic Medical Choices: 50 Questions from the Pews,” or download it on iTunes. Check it out.


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  1. I am eager to get a look at the book. I had Kevin for three courses at WTU, and he was a reader for my MTS paper. Great scholar, awesome guy!

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