The list is out. The 150 international bloggers that the Vatican has selected to attend a one-day workshop in Rome on the Church and blogging was released last night. I should say up front that I did not request an invitation to attend. The date of this meeting happens to fall right at the beginning of the final exam period here at Siena College, so that took any possibility of the table. I apologize to the several folks who emailed or tweeted encouraging me to consider going, I think the event will be great, but the timing just doesn’t work.

According to the Vatican press release, more than 750 requests for invitations were received. Some of those invited are the well-known American bloggers like the “American Papist,” Thomas Edwards and the author of “Whispers in the Loggia,” Rocco Palma. What surprised me about the list is the almost absent number of religious and priests. As far as I can tell there is one Dominican Priest from Ireland who maintains the community’s vocation blog.

Where are the religious?

Now, of the 600 requests that were turned down out of necessity, it is possible that a number of those bloggers come from religious communities or might be priests of local churches, but my guess is that the list of 150 might be fairly representative. Still, this event suggests that the religious communities of the world and the local churches globally need to catch up to the times. Say what you will about the Curial insulation of Rome, but the Pope and several Dicasteries have really been ‘on the ball’ with technology and new media in recent years. It is an effort that I find to be promising and edifying. If only other religious communities and local churches could catch on.

I look forward to hearing from my colleagues in the Catholic blogosphere as the meeting unfolds. Safe travels to all, especially those I know personally.

Photo: Vatican


  1. *Correction* Thanks to an excellent extra set of eyes, it has come to my attention that I accidentally overlooked 2 more religious on the list, bringing the invited to 3 of the 150, bringing the Religious representation from 0.66% to 2.00% of the attendees.

  2. Very interesting, Br. Dan. I am glad that the Vatican is seeing the possibilities that exist via blogs to evangelize! That representation probably also reflects the ratio of Catholic laity to religious, coincidentally.

  3. Several priests are listed by their first names only without an honorific.
    Father Paolo Padrini is the developer of the iBreviary mobile app.
    Father Roderick Vonhögen founded the SQPN podcast network.
    There is a James Tucker on the list, but I do not think that he is the Father James Tucker who hosts the Catholic Creativity Podcast and Comments from the Koala.

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