I’m leaving today for a week in the Dominican Republic with a group of students and another faculty member to work with some Franciscan Sisters in Santo Domingo. As I understand it, our primary mission is to serve the school there, working with the educators and Sisters in a variety of programs for the students. Although while we are down there one never knows what other project might surface.

It should be an exciting trip. The students are excellent and the three student leaders, each has gone down to the DR at least once before, have done some fantastic organizing. While I am in the DR I will not have my computer, regular (if any) Internet access or my cellular phone. So trying to reach me might prove difficult. Likewise, posting timely reflections about the experience will prove near impossible. I have planned a number of posts this week for DatingGod.org, each of which (including this one) will be published automatically. They are written and scheduled to publish while I am away.

That means that those who check in here regularly and have signed up for subscriptions to the blog will get the posts without interruption, but those who check out posts as they are shared via social media like twitter or facebook will have to rely on you faithful readers to repost the blog entries to share with others. Thanks for doing that!

I’m sure that you can count on photos, stories and reflections upon my return from the DR. In the meantime, please keep all of us who are traveling in your prayers as well as those with whom we will be living and among whom we will be working this week.

Peace and good!

Note: This post was pre-written and scheduled to be published while I am away on a service trip to the Dominican Republic with students from Siena College. Regular daily posts will resume upon my return. While away I am unable to respond to comments posted here.

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