As with last week, I was back behind the lenses of my cameras for the second and third basketball games of the season. Yesterday I shot the Siena College Women’s Basketball game against Canisius College (Buffalo, NY). It was nice to install my strobes for the game, something I haven’t done in a while.  While the ARC where the women play is small and poorly lit (which allowed for some great light fall-out off the court), balancing the strobes that had to be hung lower than I’d like (there was no catwalk in the fieldhouse) proved to be a bit tricky. All-in-all, I was pleased with the way the game turned out.

Like the old days, it was a quick turnaround to take down my gear, uninstall the strobes, download the images (file a few off to athletics) and then get back on the road to go across town to the Times Union Center Arena for the Men’s basketball game. I didn’t strobe that event, but did put up a remote camera. Unfortunately, the camera malfunctioned for the first-half — another photog and I were talking after the game and his guess is, as well as mine, that the wireless equipment turned on minutes before the start of the game shut out my radio remote. The second half was better and I got a few usable images from the stanchion remote.

To view galleries of images from both games, go here: I will try to keep this page updated as I shoot (if I shoot) other sporting events in upcoming months.



By the way: Here’s a photo of “me in action” at the Men’s Basketball game vs. Marist taken by a Siena College student and pep-band member, Marcel Bedard.


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