In the book Hope Against Darkness: The Transforming Vision of Saint Francis in an Age of Anxiety (2001) by the Franciscan spiritual author and speaker, Richard Rohr, there is a nice prayer that seems to be a fitting way to reflect and pray today. Situated within the context of an ever-shifting world, Rohr’s prayer speaks to many today who seek hope in a difficult world and desire openness and conversion in life.

Help Us to Hope

O loving God,
we thank you for bring us the rivers and streams of this world.
May the rivers we know be an image of the stream
that you want to flow within each one of us.
Teach us now, take away all fear,
dare to let us believe that we could really be a small part
of a reconstructed society, that we could build again.

Take away our cynicism.
Take away our lack of hope.
Take away our own anger and judgments.
We thank you for the faith and the desire that is in our hearts.
You have planted it there. Now help us to preserve it,
protect it and increase it.

We long for vision, Lord.
We need vision and we know we will perish without it.
Help us open each new day to a new meaning,
to a new hope, to a deeper desiring.
Show us your face, loving God, and we will be satisfied.
We ask for all this in Jesus’s name.


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