Around the year 1220 St. Francis of Assisi sent a letter out to all those in leadership in the young Franciscan Order. Right at the beginning of the text, Francis makes his point very clearly: we need to learn to see the world in a new way, we need to see with the eyes of God and not the eyes of worldly concerns. Here is what he says, something for us to reflect on today.

“Know that there are certain very lofty and sublime things in the sight of God that people sometimes think of as worthless and contemptible; there are others that are esteemed and remarkable to people that God considers extremely worthless and contemptible.”

What is it that I prioritize? What do I see as important that God might consider worthless and contemptible? What do I look down on that God looks up to?


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  1. I think people read words like this and nodded at the romanticism of it, minimizing what it actually means through over-familiarity to “spiritual talk”. Yet, when we consider these words (and the words of Christ the echo behind them) it calls us to a divestment that is truly costly, counter-cultural and exceptionally wonderful! Thanks for sharing this.

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