Well for those who thought the images from last weekend’s game would be the last time sports photos would grace the pages of Dating God, you’re in for a disappointment. The recent “coming out of retirement” to shoot a few NCAA games has led me to go back and scrape up a few images from when I was doing this full time. Here is a Gallery of Images that includes a very random assortment of my work from the early-to-mid 2000s: NCAA basketball, PGA, NFL, hockey, soccer, weddings, portraits and so on.

These were the only images I was able to find in a relatively short span of time (I don’t want to waste too much time going down photographic memory lane) and with the resources I have with me in Albany. My full archive of work is split between Washington, DC, and Utica, NY — so these are only representative of a very, very small portion of my previous work. Nevertheless, there was some renewed interest (not just on my part) from friends, friars and others who never knew I was a photographer until this week — so for them and for you, I’ve brought some of these back out.

I can tell you that it has certainly been a “trip” to look through a few of these images. Most of them were featured on my old professional sports photography website, back in the days of Horan Photography, so they bear an ugly watermark — my apologizes for the distraction. If I could take it off, I would.

I would welcome any comments people have about the images, many of these haven’t been seen in years. I’ll be sure to keep the faithful readers of Dating God updated about any new photography assignments I take in the future, including the upcoming Siena basketball games I’ll shoot. It’s nice to use that part of my brain again as I spend most of my intellectual and creative energy in the world of writing and teaching these days.


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