So it has been more than four years since I last shot an NCAA Division I basketball game. I used to be a professional sports photographer (or perhaps I still am, I don’t know if that’s something you retain indefinitely like being a US Marine) and owned a business, “Horan Photography,” before entering the Franciscan Order. I used to photograph a variety of events, but always loved NCAA Basketball.

This season at Siena College has been co-opted by my being recruited to play the drums in the pep band, a wonderful experience for sure. Last night my little brother returned to visit his alma mater and sat at the drums in my stead, which freed me up to do what I used to do so naturally. Now, I’m a little rusty and my equipment, by industry standards, is severely out-of-date. But as I tell those wannabe pro-photographers out there, a good photographer can make excellent images with any time of camera. The camera and lens are simply tools and images aren’t “taken” by those tools, but made by the photographer, just as a fine chair isn’t created by a hammer and saw, but made by a carpenter.

So, even though the arena lighting was bad (1/500, 2.8 @1600) and I was way, way out of practice, I had a lot of fun no less and share some images here. There was nothing fancy, shot the game with two (OLD!) Canon Bodies, primarily 70-200mm @ 400mm lenses, with one stanchion remote camera on the defensive side each half (see photo below).

Check out the full gallery: Siena College vs. Maine Horan Photo Gallery. As of now, I’m planning to shoot the last game of the season, Siena vs. Marist, and hope to strobe the venue to compensate for the low lighting. We’ll see if that comes together.  Enjoy!


Here’s the layout of my stanchion remote camera from last night, pretty basic setup.  It’s no backboard or overhead (cant’ really do an overhead due to the layout of this arena’s catwalks), but it was quick and easy after my long absence from the field.


Here is an example of one of the remote images, Siena College’s Ryan Rossiter (22) rebounds the ball. (I’m on the floor of the court way in the background on the other side, firing the remote wirelessly while shooting the defensive action with long glass).



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