Regular readers of this blog will know that I had the great privilege of giving a talk at the Buffalo State College Newman Center this past weekend, the title of which was, “How Do I Love When I Love My God? A Franciscan Perspective on Prayer and Relationship.” There was a very nice turnout, I’m told that it was somewhere around 45 people and one of the better crowds for the center for these sorts of events. The composition of the audience was wonderfully diverse ranging from current college students all the way through senior citizens.

They all endured my very raspy, stuffy, cold-induced voice and the lack of my typically “Dan Horan” energy, which was significantly depleted due to the cold and the cold medication I was taking.  All-in-all, it was a wonderful time and I really enjoyed spending a little time with that community of ministry and education. One of the campus ministers, Bill Vaughan, took a few photographs which I will share with you here. It was a relaxed atmosphere, so the lights were dim – hence the lower quality images.  Enjoy!




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