I don’t have much time to write an elaborate recounting of my weekend’s events, but I should say that I had a delightful time on the campus of my Alma Mater, St. Bonaventure University, for the annual Alumni Weekend. The weekend began with me in the rare books wing of the university library doing some much-needed research for a forthcoming book of correspondence that I am editing. I am incredibly grateful to Paul Spaeth, the director of the university library, for his gracious assistance in all things relating to my work. Both last summer, when I worked with the collection for nearly a month, and this weekend have been exceptional experiences in large part due to his help.

Then I joined my brother (SBU class of ’07) and his girlfriend (SBU class of ’08) at the famous Burton for Burton Burgers before the game. We were joined there by a pub PACKED with SBU alums! It was incredible, many of the alums were recent graduates — ’08, ’09, ’10 — that I didn’t know, but my brother and his girlfriend did, but there were other alums from varying years also present. Another friar, currently the vice president for university mission and class of ’70, was also there. It was a veritable ‘who’s who’ of Bonas pre-game fun. Despite my cold, I managed to have a reasonably good time and was grateful for the experience.

Next stop: Game Time. Feeling a little more warn out from this sinus cold, I still managed to make it to the Reilly Center for the game against LaSalle. We won by 21 points! It was great, but I felt disappointed that my cold drained me of any extra energy I might have had to cheer and get worked up. Nonetheless, it was great to be there. We were joined too by my friend Julianne from grad school who now lives in Buffalo and has become something of an SBU basketball fan herself, she’s also the summer liturgist for the Franciscan Institute this year.

The last stop I have on this weekend in WNY is up to Buffalo this afternoon for a lecture at Buffalo State College’s Newman Center, the title of which is, “How Do I Love When I Love My God? A Franciscan Perspective on Prayer and Relationship.” The centerpiece of the presentation is a selection of a handful of themes that will be addressed in much greater detail in my forthcoming book. I hope to gather up enough energy to not be a total bore this afternoon. If you’re in the area think about stopping in.


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