A friend of mine from high school, Marc-Anthon Polizzi, is a very talented artist whose work is well worth checking out. He recently launched a redesigned website that features his work:  http://www.MaPolizzi.com. In addition to being great art that is worth checking out in its own right, I asked Marc-Anthony if he would be ok with me featuring his new site and some of his work here at www.DatingGod.org because I believe his work fits well with some of the theological and spiritual views expressed here.

I have long believed that the written word is but one way to express theology (literally: God-Talk). Some artists, musicians, dancers, etc. also — in both explicit and implicit ways — express a type of God-talk or prophetic expression for a world in need of renewal. Artists see the world in ways that most people do not, offering an at-times startling reflection and critique of the world as it really is.

Part of what the Franciscan tradition offers today’s spiritual seekers is a critical lens through which to view the hyper consumerism and materialism of today’s culture. According to Marc-Anthony’s artist’s statement, his work seeks to express precisely this critical optic.

My work uses a process of reconstruction and unification to examine the domesticated chaos of the post consumer world. This area where the relatively ordered and relatively disordered coexist and interact might seem like a contradiction, considering the more austere and violent sense of chaos. However it is in this gray area in which I construct my work. These installations draw on the history and narrative properties of found objects, to bring out the human connection often lost in the glimmer and glitz of an ever growing material culture.

While not overtly religious or spiritual, Marc-Anthony’s installations offer a very striking and creative expression of our consumeristic culture, which finds a kindred spirit in the theological tradition latent in the reflections on this blog. You can learn more about Marc-Anthony, his work and his current and forthcoming exhibits at his new website http://www.MaPolizzi.com

I encourage you to check it out and support art and artists today.


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