Here’s a completely gratuitous post: My alma mater made some news this afternoon with the longest game in the 152-year history of the School.  FOUR Overtimes! In the game against Ohio University Bobcats, the St. Bonaventure Bonnies won 112-107 in the fourth OT. Think about it. That’s the equivalent of One-and-a-Half games back-to-back. Talk about endurance.

It was a great game for those Bonnies fans and alums. After several years of a difficult athletic program resulting from the 2003 scandal, which resulted in the team’s severe NCAA sanctions, the dismissal of the coaching staff, athletic director, university president and the tragic suicide of the chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees, the Bonnies seem to be having the best start to a season in a decade. Listed as one of the “Top 10 College Sports Scandals,” we alums — especially those like me who were on the campus during that time — are particularly aware of what each and every win means for a recovering program. So far this season the Bonnies have, in addition to several other good wins, beaten St. John’s and now the reigning MAC Conference champions, Ohio University.

While not directly related to “spirituality,” I felt that this Franciscan university’s memorable win was worth a “shout out” on the Dating God blog. So hats off to you, Bonnies! Keep the wins coming — beat Virginia Tech next week in Rochester! Go Bonas!



  1. Nice site and nice post, but OTs are 5 mins each, not 10, to that is equivalent of 1-1/2 games, not 2 (which are two 20 minute halves)

  2. Scooter, you’re absolutely correct – thanks for the reminder! I wrote in haste last night and realized my error this afternoon in a conversation with another friar (but forgot to go back and fix it) – it’s corrected now! Go Bonas!

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