Here’s a quick post simply to bring your attention to both a funny and deeply significant segment from Stephen Colbert’s program, The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. Here he looks at the use of Jesus and the Christian message during the Christmas season and, with sound scriptural and theological backing (although you wouldn’t be able to tell through the humorous jokes), what the real “signs of the times” are concerning the co-opting of Christianity for political purposes.

We must recall that Jesus lived in a very, very different world than our own, so any attempt to identify a first-century Palestinian with a U.S. political party is necessarily anachronistic. Nevertheless, the driving force of Jesus’s proclamation of the in-breaking of the Kingdom of God undoutbtedly supports the social and economic agenda of the liberal class, at least comparatively when one looks at the GOP and similar groups. Colbert does a good and entertaining job highlighting this, and, in all seriousness, he is correct.

[Comedy Central’s embedding code doesn’t seem to be working, so you can watch the video here!]


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  1. I had not seen this during my busy week, although I had seen many references to it and was even tagged in a friend’s post of it on FB. I’m glad that I came by and watched it via your post.

    It drives me insane to see Jesus identified with a political party and my heart breaks and I feel angry when I see everyone from the guy next door to bishops who say otherwise.

    Colbert is ever the court jester, using humor to deliver the truth and he does so brilliantly here.

    Thanks for posting this.

    (O Shaddai, almighty God, come to us now. Do you think that Bill O’Reilly knows that the root of Shaddai is female? Meaning abundant breasts or something like that? Shhh. Don’t tell him. He might get a wee bit upset. The images of feeding without reservation are clear.)

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